Thursday, April 5, 2012

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Let’s start by introducing us the "Cruise Addict Junkie's". Patrick & Christine.

We just can’t get enough of cruising and learning as well as experiencing everything they have to offer. It all started when we were looking for somewhere to go on our honeymoon. So several options came across to us, such as going to Hawaii or Colorado or somewhere different. Then we came across on going on a cruise. Which neither one of us had ever done before. We also did not know how we would enjoy being away from everything with little to no communication for a week, also being at sea. So comparing the pricing we saw it was the way to go. So we ended up booking with Carnival Cruise Lines on the Carnival Valor. Our voyage started on March 27th, 2011 from Miami, Florida. We had the best time of our lives on that trip, just so much fun and nothing could ever compare to it. We meet some great people on that trip including the Cruise Director Josh Waitzman. He was amazing and just connected with him, since being off the ship we stayed in contact with him. The rest of that first cruise was so amazing and beats any other vacation.
Which brings us to the blog and why do we do it. Well the process of being on a cruise is something that you need to really think about before doing. We had so many questions and “what if’s” that came into our heads. There are a lot of people in the world that have never taken a cruise in their lives. Either they don’t think it will be fun or they don’t know how they will like it, whatever the reason may be. This blog is a way to help better understand a cruise and how much fun it can be. We include all of our trips that we have taken with reviews for each section of the ship as well as the ports we go to. Also a section that will help answer some questions you may have about anything. We are here to help anyone and everyone who has questions. We are not experts just your average cruisers, who do this because they love it.

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